Hillington Colourful Plastic Boules Water Filled French Pétanque Bowls Fun Garden Game Set For All Ages and Skills


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  • HILLINGTON WATER-FILLED PLASTIC BOULES – The classic lawn game of boules (also known as bowls or pétanque) is fun for all ages and can be played almost anywhere with players taking turns to throw or roll their balls at the included white jack
  • DURABLE HARD-WEARING PLASTIC – Formed in sturdy plastic the 8 multi-colour balls and the smaller white target jack are contained within a convenient moulded plastic carry case for storage and convenient travel
  • BRIGHTLY COLOURED – The attractive bright colours of the boules make it easy to score the game with options for 2 to 8 players
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES AND SKILLS – The game is super easy to learn and can be made easy by placing the jack close to players or for a higher difficulty and better test of hand eye coordination the jack can be thrown much further away making it challenging for adults too. Great for family gatherings or days in the garden or park
  • DIMENSIONS – Each boule is approximately 73mm diameter holding around 0.2m of water. The white jack is approx 30mm and the carry case is 28cm x 18cm x 3cm