FK Sports Premium Outdoor Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Spring Cover, Padding, Net, Ladder 6 FT


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  • ✅ High-Spec Jump Mat :- The mat that is used to make the trampoline is an American-designed polypropylene mat that is elastic enough that it is easy to bounce on and is not likely to stretch yet is sturdy enough that it will not stretch. It’s also permeable permitting air to pass through improving the bounce and allowing the water to drain quickly in the event of it getting wet. It also has UV resistance to shield against sun damage.
  • ✅ Sturdy Frame :- The trampoline has a frame constructed of 1.8mm steel. This adds a bit of toughness and security of mind. We’d suggest this if the trampoline you have purchased will see lots of use or is used regularly by adults. The frame is hot galvanized both inside and outside to provide long-lasting protection from rust or corrosion. The legs feature a recurved design that provides the ability to withstand impact and provide durability.
  • ✅ Tough Stitching :- A minimum of 6 stitches are utilized for attaching the rings to the edges of the mat providing sufficient security and strength to give you security. The rings are rectangular in shape instead of round since they’ve been shown to be stronger and can hold the shape of the mat more securely.
  • ✅ Safety Padding :- The trampoline’s edge and the springs are covered by an enclosed cell foam padding that offers much greater water resistance than other foams. The padding is designed to be broad protruding out of the mat slightly and then wrapping around the edges of the frame’s exterior in order to make sure that every one of the components is protected.
  • ✅ Safety Enclosure :- FK Sports is committed to safety and we will only offer trampolines that have safety enclosures because we consider them to be essential. The net of the trampoline is able to be attached to the trampoline’s underside to ensure that there are no gaps. The poles are held with specially designed clips that keep them from sliding or moving.