D.A.Y. Republic Click and Catch Ball Game, Ideal Indoor & Outdoor Garden Beach Toy Set, Develops Hand-eye Coordination and Reaction, Includes 2 Launchers and 2 Balls (1 Pack of 2)


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  • ✨🏖️✨ 1 PACK OF 2 EXCITING CLICK & CATCH GAMES – Unleash the fun with our vibrant pack of 2 click and catch games! Each set includes 2 lightweight plastic balls and 2 launching baskets for endless entertainment
  • ✨🏖️✨ COMPACT & PORTABLE IDEAL TRAVEL BUDDY – Measuring 18.5cm x 8.5cm these games are perfectly sized for on-the-go play. Take them anywhere and enjoy the excitement of launching and catching the balls with the easy-to-use baskets
  • ✨🏖️✨ BRIGHT VIBRANT COLOURS – Available in eye-catching green orange and yellow our click and catch games add a pop of colour to your outdoor adventures making playtime even more enjoyable
  • ✨🏖️✨ REALLY EASY TO USE AND GREAT FUN TO PLAY – Simply click the ball into the launching basket and launch it into the air for a thrilling catch. These games provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages
  • ✨🏖️✨ DURABLE & RELIABLE – Crafted from high-quality materials our click and catch games are built to last. They are designed for active play and will withstand countless throws and catches ensuring long-lasting fun