Big Potato P for Pizza: Build a Giant Pizza Slice Before Anyone Else Family Word Game Great for Adults and Kids. The same fun family board game in a new smaller box


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  • IT’S TAKEAWAY TIME! Tuck into this fast paced word game where the aim is to shout out a word that links the letter on one card to the category on another. You’ll end up adding this yummy party game into your top 10 family games.
  • GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT! A food that starts with P? A bald celebrity that begins with B? A string instrument that starts with G? Or C? Or V? You’ll have to be quick to win your slice of the pie in this party game.
  • GRAB A SLICE OF THE ACTION The first player to collect nine pizza cards and build their giant pizza slice – wins!
  • CRAZY COLOUR CODED CATEGORIES Each category card is coloured green amber and red for levels of difficulty which affects where you can place your winnings in your pizza pyramid. This new version is also red-green colour vision deficiency friendly so all the family can enjoy this simple board game for kids and adults.
  • EASY TO LEARN QUICK TO PLAY A delicious family party game for between 2 and 4 players ages 8+ oh and it’s plastic free…It’s almost good enough to eat! (But maybe order a real pizza if you get hungry)